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Virtual FishTank
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Product Name 24,000 Gallon 10,000 Gallon 500 Gallon
Description The full size version of Virtual Fishtank is an engaging experience for more than a dozen visitors at a time. This version includes (10) interactive stations, (12) screens and fills a 50' x 50' room. Designed for smaller exhibit spaces, this version of Virtual Fishtank includes (5) interactive stations, (4) large screens and fills a space 33' x 33'. Stand-alone, self-contained, kiosk-style version of the Virtual Fishtank. Includes (1) screen and (2) interactive stations. This configuration can be expanded by adding additional screens and interactive stations.

Interactive Stations (3) Build Your Own Fish
(1) Feeding Station
(4) Schooling Station
(1) Diver Station
(1) Camera/Motion Station
(1) Build Your Own Fish
(1) Feeding Station
(1) Schooling Station
(1) Camera/Motion Station
(1) Build Your Own Fish
(1) Schooling Station
(1) 360° View Turntable
(1) Feeding Station (extra cost)

(22) Computers
(12) Projectors
(12) Screens
(7) Touch Screens
(7) Computers
(3) Projectors
(3) Screens
(2) Touch Screens
(5) Computers
(1) Plasma Display
(2) Touch Screens

NOTE: Arrangements can be made for customer acquisition of equipment through third party sources.


Exhibit Space Comfortably fills an exhibit space of 1,500-2,500 sq ft. Fits in exhibit space of 400 sq ft. Only needs 100 square feet.

NOTE: Use of flat panel plasma displays instead of projectors and screens can significantly reduce the amount of space required.

Internet Connection Each Virtual Fishtank(TM) installation includes a built-in capability for Internet connectivity, including a VirtualFishtank.com website. This feature allows your visitors to interact with your Virtual Fishtank(TM) from their homes and schools. The Internet connectivity feature enables educators to conduct "pre" and "post" museum visit activities with children to increase the educational benefits of the exhibit experience.

World Class Graphics Engaging and attractive graphics can be critical to attracting and keeping the interest of today's kids. Nearlife combines some of the best 3-D computer graphics talent with designers and artists who have a sense of humor.

Best of Class Software Design At the core of the Virtual FishTank is our "Directable Characters", a technology for representing, animating, and bringing characters to life. This system models behaviors, skills, and geometry, and reacts to different kinds of virtual inputs. This state-of-the-art technology is being continuously enhanced through Nearlife's R&D and our relationships with the MIT Media Lab and Motorola.

Project Design, Management & Direction Nearlife provides project design and project management expertise to installing the VirtualFishTank. For the 10,000 and 24,000 gallon versions, we provide space and fabrication design and management consulting services to ensure the optimal visitor experience.

Warranty Nearlife provides a 90-day warranty for all of its projects. In addition, each project includes a one year technical support program.

Shipping & Installation Nearlife provides the personnel necessary to assemble and install these versions of the Virtual FishTank(TM). The 500 gallon tank is assembled and tested at Nearlife. It is then disassembled for shipment to your location. Re-assembly instructions are provided, as is telephone support.

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