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Dr. Tinsley Galyean
Chairman and C.E.O.
Tinsley GalyeanTinsley received his Ph.D. from the Interactive Cinema group at the MIT Media Lab, where he worked to bring cinematic storytelling techniques to virtual environments. This included creating animated 3D characters, building computational plot structures, and looking at the issues behind introducing cinematic "cuts" to virtual reality. In addition to his B.S. in computer science from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and Sc.M. in Computer Graphics from Brown University, his education includes extensive work in the visual arts. While at the MIT Media Lab, Tinsley has produced a short animated piece that was theatrically released, directed a virtual reality exhibit for the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, and published in the fields of computer graphics, human computer interfaces and artificial intelligence. After leaving the Media Lab Tinsley was a freelance New Media Designer working on Location Based Entertainment (LBE) concepts, museum exhibits, and interactive 3-D Internet products. His unique mix of skills allows him to develop concepts and content for his clients while also delivering the technical means by which these ideas can become a reality. Tinsley founded Nearlife whose focus is to take these New Media experiences and related development tools to the market place.


David O'Connor
David O'ConnorDavid has over 20 years of management experience in technology and content companies, large and small. Most recently, David was an executive with Addison Wesley Longman, the world's largest educational publisher, where he was the founder and general manager of a division developing and publishing technology-based educational products for kids. He has held general management and various senior marketing positions with Lotus Development and Apple Computer, and co-founded a successful software company in the mid-80s. David has an MBA from Stanford Business School and a BA in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University.


Sheri Galyean
Vice President and Creative Director
Sheri GalyeanSheri is a founder and writer for Nearlife. She works to develop concepts, design, and write for interactive experiences. After finishing her B.A., Phi Beta Kappa in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Colorado, Boulder, she attended Harvard Divinity School where she received her M.A. in Theological Studies. Before starting Nearlife, Sheri wrote an award winning short animation, several film and game concepts, and the story behind a virtual reality experience. When she is not writing for Nearlife, she brings together her interest in the sciences and religion in her own unique science fiction stories that often manifest aspects of faith.


Henry Kaufman
Director of Engineering
Henry KaufmanHenry combines his technical management experience and his computer graphics and user interface expertise to lead the software development efforts at Nearlife. He received a double B.A. from Brown University in Computer Science and Visual Arts, with honors in both; after staying at Brown as a researcher he went on to complete an M.S. in Computer Science with a specialization in computer graphics. Since then, Henry has continued to develop a wealth of experience in computer graphics from working in research settings at Brown and Yale Universities to playing major roles in production settings in Italy, Israel, and the United States. At Yale, Henry pursued research in physics and mathematics with Benoit Mandelbrot and has published in leading physics as well as computer graphics journals. His experience in production, prior to his work at Nearlife, included developing computer animation software tools and using these tools for creating special effects. At R/Greenberg Associates (R/GA) in New York, Henry directed the research and development team, and also worked as an animator, a project leader, and a lead technical director, on many large commercial projects. At R/GA, he created innovative software; his effects and other cutting-edge techniques have been featured in periodicals such as Computer Graphics World and the New York Times, and on TV programs such as NBC Dateline. Henry's breadth of knowledge of physics principles combined with his artistic skill enables him to produce realistic and aesthetically compelling interactive entertainment.


Bruce Wyman
Director of Creative Development
Bruce WymanBefore learning the company song and joining the morning calisthenics, Bruce spent a number of years at the New England Aquarium in a variety of roles, eventually leaving as the Curator of Interactive Technology. Among his responsibilities were exhibit concept and content development, user experience, interface design, special technology projects for the aquarium's expansion, and Internet development. Concurrent web development clients included Harvard Magazine, Harvard University, Brown Alumni Magazine, Brown University, Tufts University, and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.


David Zung
Consulting Art Director and Character Designer
David ZungDavid was art director and character designer for Nearlife's "Virtual Fishtank" and "The Kids Room". He has extensive experience developing, designing, and visualizing concepts and story lines for live action, computer, cel, and stop motion sequences as well as for sets, layouts and characters for television, film, video games, and web sites. His clients have included R/Greenberg Associates, Blue Sky Productions, Curious Pictures, Possible Worlds, Pitch Productions, and for the networks MTV, Nickelodeon, HBO, and Children's Television Workshop. He has worked for ad agencies such as DMB+B and Ammirati & Puris. David has also worked as an architectural renderer for architects Frank Gehry, I.M. Pei, and Robert M. Stern and others. Currently he is doing art direction and character design for a Warner Brothers animation pilot and a line of toys. David has a B.A. in Architecture from Princeton University, and has studied art and design at the Parsons School of Design, New York Academy of Art, National Academy of Art, among others.


Dr. Adam Klein
Director and Advisor
Adam KleinAdam was most recently at Hasbro Inc., where as Executive Vice President and President of Global Marketing he had the responsibility for $3.5 billion of global brand/product development and sales/marketing, representing 90%+ of Hasbro's business. As President, Adam drove the brand-based strategy for the rapid development of Hasbro Interactive from start up to over $300 million projected this year. Prior to Hasbro, Adam was CEO of South African-based Boumat Ltd., a US $1 billion manufacturer, where he increased profitability over 50% in one year. Adam has a Doctorate in Business Administration from Harvard Business School, with a focus on the management of strategic change. He has also been a lecturer at Harvard Business School and a consultant with the Boston Consulting Group, among others. Besides being a member of Nearlife's board, Adam works with the company on a consulting basis.


Dr. Bruce Blumberg
Board Member and Advisor
Bruce BlumbergBruce is a Professor at the MIT Media Lab, where he directs the Synthetic Characters Group . Bruce's research focuses on building interactive animated characters for use in virtual environments such as immersive story-telling systems, games, and web-based worlds. He has been responsible for several installations at SIGGRAPH including ALIVE and SWAMPED! Bruce has previously held product and technical management positions at Apple Computer and NeXT. Besides being a member of Nearlife's board, Bruce works with the company on a consulting basis.


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