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An important factor in Nearlife's success is the strategic partnerships we've formed. Our corporate relationships have provided important advantages in key areas of:

  • academic research,
  • access to new technology, and
  • marketing and promotion.

Nearlife's corporate roots are buried deeply in the rich academic soil of the MIT Media Lab. While earning his Ph.D. at the Lab, co-founder Tinsley Galyean explored the latest concepts in bringing cinematic storytelling techniques to virtual environments. Through the efforts of board member, Professor Bruce Blumberg, Nearlife continues its relationship with the Lab, staying on the cutting edge with the latest developments in artificial intelligence agents and digitally created immersive experiences.

Motorola is Nearlife's initial external investor. But the partnership with Motorola extends far beyond the financial. Nearlife has early access to the latest technologies being developed by various Motorola divisions. These new technologies enable Nearlife to design richer and more individualized experiences ranging from wireless to broadband to smart cards.

With the installation of the original Virtual Fishtank exhibit, the Museum of Science in Boston became an important strategic partner for Nearlife. Together, Nearlife and MoS are exploring co-marketing and promotion programs; Virtual Fishtank merchandising opportunities; a stand alone, kiosk-style Virtual Fishtank; and VirtualFishtank.com. This partnership will help Nearlife reach millions of kids and families annually with our near-to-life experiences.

Visitors to a "Nearlife Experience" often enjoy the experience without being aware of the state-of-the-art technology operating in the background. One reason for this is Nearlife's use of intuitive interfaces that allow people to interact with computers in non-traditional ways. Nearlife relies upon strategic relationships with companies like Point Grey Research, makers of stereo vision cameras and people tracking software. These technologies are deployed in Nearlife projects to detect and track the position of people in the exhibit and therefore deliver content in a customized and interactive fashion. Point Grey Research is a technology company whose products have been used for computer vision applications such as people tracking, object tracking, 3D modelling, dimensioning, mobile robotics and mining.


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